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A shield-shaped emblem displaying a coat of arms features on a red background the image of St. coat of arCatherine of Alexandria, who was martyred in the 4-th century A.D. Originally a princess, she is personified as a young virgin rising from the bottom edge of the shield, richly dressed and crowned. Her golden hair is unbound as a symbol of virginity. According to the medieval iconography, the martyr is depicted complete with a segment of a golden spiked wheel, in the right section of the shield, a reference to her instrument of torture and the unmistakable element of St. Catherine´s cult. In her lowered right hand, the saint holds a golden-hilted silver sword, its point downwards, with which historical Catherine of Alexandria was allegedly beheaded after being tortured on the spiked wheel. In her left arm St. Catherine carries a golden palm leaf, an attribute of martyrdom. Other elements of the Lozorno coat-of-arms comprise a golden-leafed tree with five sizeable red fruit in it. Its luxuriant crown is represented behind the saint´s figure and may stand for the Tree of Life.

Under heraldic convention, the colour silver can be substituted for with white, while golden, with yellow. In the wording of the blazon, however, it is appropriate to retain the heraldically established nomenclature of "silver" and "golden."


Local Council Flagflag

The Lozorno local council flag consists of six equally wide stripes that are coloured in yellow, red, yellow, white, red, white.The flag´s width´s and length´s ratio is two to three, while the edge of the longer side is swallow-tailored.The cuttings into the fly of the flag reach a third of the length of the full flag.


The Local Council Seal

The currently used local council seal of Lozorno retains all of the symbolism applied to its earliestseal known predecessor that dates from the 17th century. The main motif incised onto the seal is that of St. Catherine of Alexandria, complete with her attributes of martyrdom as incorporated within the Lozorno rural council coat-of-arms. The seal also bears the circular legend Obec Lozorno (the rural community of Lozorno). The outer edge of the seal is graced with a circlet. The local council seal is affixed to show the approval and validation of important documents, missives and writs, as well as on ceremonial occasions, e.g., at granting a citizenship. In compliance with the local council Statutes. an incumbent Lozorno Mayor is the Keeper of the Seal.  


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